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When can I get LitVis as a non-beta version?
The first productive version of LitVis is scheduled for April 2017th. Until then, feel free to try and test the prototype and the current development versions.
How do I create a new resource (book, paper, magazine, etc.)?
Currently you can create new resources with the LitVis prototype. For this, use the context menu. You can insert new resources also by ISBN with Copy & Paste (Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V). The development version doesn't have this functionality yet. Since LitVis synchronizes your data with the cloud, you can access your data created with the prototype from the development version.
How do I modify resources (books, paper, magazine, etc.)?
In the prototype: select a resource and press F2. The development version doesn't have this functionality yet.
How do I create relationships between resources?
You can find this functioninality in the prototype in the context menu. Select the type of relationship you want to create. Then draw a line between the two resources you want to connect. The development version doesn't have this functionality yet.
Can I store pdfs with my resources?
You can attach your pdfs to a resource within the edit view. Select a resource, press F2. Currently PDFs are not synchronized to the cloud. This function will be available until April 2017th. Until then, we recommend that you synchronize your PDFs via a cloud drive like Google Drive, Drop Box, or Microsoft One Drive.
Do I really have to create all relationships by hand
Yes, at the moment. For the future it is planned to link several databases where the relationships are already defined.
Why can't I always see all information?
LitVis uses a zoom dependent information enrichment. By this, you can switch fluently between the orientation / navigation view and the details view. In the orientation / navigation view you get an overview over the structure of your resources. By zooming in, the resources get enriched with more and more details.
Do I always need an internet connection?
Yes. LitVis is a cloud solution and synchronizes all data to a server on the Internet. To protect you against data loss, your data will be stored redundant. Since LitVis synchronizes any change immediately, it's not necessary to "save" your work. Even if LitVis crashes, all your changes are still there. Nothing is lost. For the future it is planned to offer an offline mode, so you can work while on the road or in places with no internet connection.
How do I switch from my current reference management software to LitVis?
LitVis offers various import options for your data. Among them are some standard exchange formats such as BibTex. We are working continuously to expand the import options. If you have any specific questions, please Contact us.
How much does LitVis cost?
We want that LitVis is available to as many people as possible to help them with their research. Therefore LitVis is offered at a very low monthly price. Currently LitVis is free. The paid version will be available later in the 2017.
Why should I pay for LitVis? There are so many free reference management tools!
LitVis is a completely new kind of reference management tool. We hope you like LitVis and that it offers great value to you. While you use LitVis we have to pay for servers and staff. We gladly would offer LitVis for free, because we think that LitVis can help many people to do thier research easier and better. Unfortunately, we are still forced to charge a small fee for the use at the moment. We hope that we have created a software that is worth paying a small amount for it.
When I add a new book to my literature, do I have to enter all the information by hand?
No. You can add new resources very comfortable by ISBN with Copy & Paste (Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V). This feature is currently available in the prototype only. But soon it will be available in the development version, too.
How do I create an account?
Please visit our register page.
What are the system requirements for LitVis?
Litvis runs smoothly on all current computers.