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The origin

The desire for an entirely new reference management tool arose while writing the "State of the Art" chapter of a doctoral thesis. Since autumn 2014 LitVis is on its way to revolutionize the use of scientific literature. Driven by the own painful experiences with existing reference management software, there has been done a lot of hard work to create a new and revolutionary reference management software that goes far beyond today's reference management tools. The goal is to develop a highly graphical and easy to use reference management tool. By visualizing the literature network in a clear and user friendly way in combination with a simple navigation, extensive editing functions and many import and export capabilities LitVis wants to make the lives of students, scientists, researchers, archivists and journalists easier. LitVis wants to help libraries, universities, archives and the press to get faster and better reseach results. LitVis is a visual reference management tool for all people and institutions who work with literature, visual or audio material. With LitVis you will experience a new and visual way of managing literature.

Our ideals

With LitVis a software has been created that can accompany you anywhere. High comfort, usability and ease of use are the keys to success. LitVis is there for you, no matter where or when. Do not worry about the "how". LitVis ensures that you can work worry-free on your project. Data security, anywhere availability and reliability. Litvis is "software made in Germany". By leveraging the latest cloud technologies you can work anywhere in the world and at any time with high performance on your literature network. By utilizing a very powerful and flexible 3D engine LitVis is available on many platforms and offers a unique and new user experience.

Agile development

LitVis is developed using an agile development process. This guarantees quick reactions to short-term changes or bugs and the ability to add new customer requested features fast. LitVis is developed together with the users to ensure LitVis fits the users' needs.