The visual reference management tool in the cloud

Simple, reliable, fast.

See your literature network, track citations, see primary sources and see important scientific works and authors at a glance. Litvis is the ultimate tool to work with literature and references.


  • By ISBN
  • From Citavi
  • From Pubmed
  • From BibTex


  • To Word
  • To LaTex


  • Visually experience
  • Recognize relationships
  • Keep Overview
  • Improve quality
  • Save time


  • Cloud based
  • Safe
  • Multiplatform
  • Mobile
  • User-friendly
  • Modern
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Why visualize literature as a network?

Literature in general and scientific literature in particular represents a network of writings, images, movies and sounds, which are connected by citations, edition relations, location, conferences, their authors and other relationships.

As a network, the path to the primary source can be easily traced during the literature research.

Important scientific works or authors can be identified very quickly by many incoming relations.

Literature needs space. Space for sorting, to group, to file. The network visualization of LitVis offers infinite space.